Neasham Road Eco House

We worked with this Client over a long period to secure planning and finally construct a dwelling to replace two sheds on this greenfield site. Our first scheme proposed a riverbank house perched on the edge of the bank. The back, facing the road, was built into the earth and camouflaged with a green roof. The river side opened up to the view with generous windows and a long terrace. Unfortunately this was refused on appeal and we went back to the drawing board. Slowly we built a case through two applications for a conversion and enlargement of the existing sheds. Finally we got planning and the Clients were able to build their dream retirement home. This included many eco design features including mechnaical ventilation and heat recovery, ground source heat pump, PV roof mounted panels and very high levels of thermal insulation. Timber was also used widely for the its sustainability and sensory qualitities.

Sometimes planning applications can throw up some challenges but eventually we were able to get planning for the Clients to be able to build their dream retirement home.