Individual Houses


More than any other, to commission a design for your house is the most personal project anyone will undertake. We understand this.


Our process is about spending time upfront to interpret  your needs and aspirations before the sketching even begins. When it comes to our service for personal clients we take our lead from you. Our job is to create solutions that will satisfy all your requirements and meet your budget. But beyond this we strive on every project to give you something extra that lifts your project to be something really special.


Sometimes this is as small as the position of a window to capture a view. On others it may be to re-orientate a space and drive upwards to create something truly light-filled, bespoke and dramatic.

We also offer a very flexible service. This can be from initial sketch ideas just to get you started, or just enough drawings to get through the planning system. However, most of our Clients appreciate a full service where we help them through planning, Building Regulations approvals and the tendering process to select a Contractor.


This leaves you to concentrate on design decisions and manage the change. We believe that undertaking your dream project should be a positive experience not something you should get anxious or stressed about. We can help.


If you have a project you are thinking about, why not contact us to see what we can do for you.