How Do I Best Communicate My Thoughts?


Your consultant will no doubt have an in-depth discussion with you about your requirements. There is no substitute for this. There are some tools you can use help record your thoughts and make sure as much of your thinking is captured as possible. Two of the strategies we would suggest are:


1. Client Briefing Matrix


This will include a lot of the elements included in the 'Quantity' and 'Quality' sections above. You can set this out as notes of separate sheets of paper, on a homemade spreadsheet or you could use the template provided on the website. It is useful as it provides a clear record of your wishes to feed into the design process.










Below are some of the websites we use regularly for residential projects that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing: (look under the 'sector' you are interested in)


To make your collages and ideas boards you could use:


It is very easy to use and ideal for including both images and basic labels/text. You can then easily save these as image files to email or to print out.

Try to organize your sheets by room or theme. For example: exterior/living areas/bathrooms/bedrooms/garden.

2. Visual 'Ideas Book'


This is typically a collage of images that capture your thoughts on design. This can be ideas for materials, the form of the building, details or fittings. It is unlikely that you will find images that are perfect in all respects but if you draw them together it very effectively creates an overall mood. It also makes an excellent touchstone for further discussion and will quickly allow you to have a much richer conversation with your designer about what you want to achieve.


Finding the right images can be time-consuming but rewarding as well. I would suggest looking on manufacturers websites as well as architecture and design magazines online editions. We can also recommend a subscription to Homebuilding and Renovating or similar in the months leading up to your build. It is an excellent source of advice and examples.

Guide Structure:


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1. Engagement


What is the difference between an Architect and an Architectural Technician/ Draughtsman?


How are fees calculated?


What can I expect to pay?



2. Briefing


How do I brief my Architect?


What is the best way to communicate my thoughts?


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