Commercial Clients


We understand that key to commercial clients is an in-depth understanding of the market and the sensitivities in which it operates. Very few architecture practices cover all spheres of commercial operation and will tend to specialise. Our practice is no different. As a team our experience focuses on the following specialisms:







Residential and Masterplanning:


This covers the full spectrum of service from initial capacity studies, masterplanning, design codes and detailed planning applications through to production drawings and attendance on site. Clients appreciate our in-depth knowledge of the sector, understanding of planning law and ability to negotiate on difficult sites. We also have contacts developed over many years which include some of the best support consultants in the region including cost and management, planning specialists, services, drainage and road engineers, arboriculturists, land surveyors and more.

Whatever your requirements, from standalone houses in the countryside to tight urban sites requiring remediation, our team can support you.

Specialist Housing:


This includes varied housing types and scales to suit the special needs of the elderly, those with dementia and people with autism or other physical or mental challenges.

The briefing process involves us spending quality time with both commissioners and users to establish what is needed most. We work hard to ensure the resident experience is uplifting, comfortable and non-institutional. The aim is to provide all opportunities to live life to the full. Behind the scenes, we optimise layouts and ancillary spaces to allow for seamless and efficient service delivery. This allows staff to spend more time having positive interaction with residents and reduces stress overall.

To this end we have a rich library of best practice on dementia and elderly care design and are currently assisting various organisations with research on the subject.



Mixed Use and Commercial:


Over the years our team have helped deliver a range of mixed use schemes in the region. These have typically included commercial, small retail units, offices and community uses on a single site. We understand the complex requirements to get these schemes to work efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our design knowledge is put to good practice both at maximising initial impact but also in the behind-the-scenes logistics of servicing and maintenance that can prove such a headache if not properly addressed early on. Again we have an excellent team of support consultants we can draw on to ensure a robust and professional team.



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CEAD Limited, Toffee Factory, Lower Steenbergs Yard, Ouseburn, Quayside,

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